About Us

Tikva is a non-profit foundation that focuses on assisting people who are experiencing difficulties or in distress, with an emphasis on aid to three main population groups:  patients and their family members, families experiencing financial difficulties, and at-risk teenagers before their induction into their military service.

Tikva, Hope in English, as reflected by its name, has adopted a philosophy of providing emotional and physical support to people at a difficult point in their lives (either economic or emotional); and in so doing, reawakens their hopes for a happy and respectable life, and most importantly helps them to reintegrate into society.

Tikva operates thanks to amazing people and financial institutions in Israel and around the world, who contribute their time and money with great generosity, in order to support those in need.  These amazing donors understand that often a small donation made by one person can generate hope and a big change in another person.

Tikva was established in 2012, founded by Ms. Ilanit Refaelov (with the support of her husband Yossi Refaelov, both of whom work with us on a completely volunteer basis), and it is an integral part of the activity of the YR Group – a group of companies with diverse business activity in Israel and around the world.

Tikva invites those of you who feel a need to contribute to and help others, to become a part of its family of volunteers and donors, because nothing compares to giving for the purpose of giving hope in the heart of person on the receiving end, and of no less importance, the happiness and satisfaction of the person who gives.  “Giving is the only thing that will always remain ours.”